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  • Meet our scientists

    The Faculty of Science is producing short films in which our international employees share their experiences. The first one out is Julie Grantham, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology.

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    Meet our scientists
  • Study Marine Sciences in Gothenburg!

    The University of Gothenburg is the leading university in Sweden for studies in the marine sciences.

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    Study Marine Sciences in Gothenburg!
  • Our research

    The natural sciences study everything from the smallest of particles to the entire universe. Thanks to research in these areas, we continue to increase our knowledge about humans and everything in our surrounding.

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    Our research
  • Third-cycle Education

    Third-cycle education in the Faculty of Science is the province of scholars interested in problems in science, mathematics or conservation.

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    Third-cycle Education
  • Study conservation

    Conservation is the study of environmental och material objects in a historical and cultural context.

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    Study conservation

The Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science includes all the major subject areas in the fields of mathematics and natural sciences. With 6 500 students and 730 employees it is the second largest Faculty at the University of Gothenburg.

Sulfur Haunts the Ghost Wreck

[March 4, 2014] Sulfur and iron accumulation has once again been found in wood samples from old shipwrecks in the Baltic Sea. This time the samples are from the merchant vessel Ghost wreck and the warships Sword and the Crown. Wood samples from the ships have been analysed by a group of scientists from the University of Gothenburg, Stockholm University and University of Calgary. The results are published in the latest issue of Scientific Reports. Read more >>

Job opportunities

Apply for available positions at the Faculty of Science.

Nordenskjöld Lectures

Seminars with the most prominent researchers within Earth Systems Sciences.

Doctoral studies

Read more about the Faculty of Science's third-cycle education.

Housing Anywhere

A student-to-student housing platform.

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